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    5 Vegan Seasonings Every Vegan should have!

    Are you looking to transform your bland vegan meals into a delicious treat? Well, look no further. Using the right vegan seasonings on your meals will do the trick! 

    One of the biggest problems with vegan cooking is the fact that vegetables and vegan ingredients like lentils and nuts are usually bland-tasting. Cooking vegan food can also be overwhelming for many newbies.

    Take your vegan cooking to the next level, Check out these 5 amazing easy-to-use vegan seasonings that will revamp your boring vegan meals from zero to hero! 

    1. Bacon Seasoning

    Bacony Hot Chips

    This Bacon Seasoning literally makes ANYTHING taste like Bacon! (yes, we can't believe it is vegan too!). Vegetables and vegan ingredients usually lack the savoury-ness that meat brings to a dish. This Bacon Seasoning is made with a secret blend of plant-based herbs and spices that makes it taste EXACTLY like bacon! 

    It comes in 5 different flavours: Original Bacon, Spicy Bacon, Cheesy Bacon, Smoky BBQ Bacon and Maple Bacon! Buy it here. 

    You can use Bacon Seasoning on literally anything- Roasted vegetables, Dips, and our favorite... Popcorn!

    2. Chipotle Seasoning

    Chipotle Seasoning Roasted Cauliflower

    This smoky Chipotle Seasoning adds a flavourful savoury touch to any meal! It has a strong, smoky kick to it. The word 'Chipotle' comes from an ancient Aztec word meaning smoked-chilli. It is frequently used in Mexican cuisines in dishes like burritos and sauces.

    Simply sprinkle this Chipotle Seasoning onto your favourite foods such as bean chilli, or even roasted cauliflowers! 

    3. Taco Seasoning

    Deliciou Taco Seasoning

    Ever wanted everything to taste like Tacos? This Taco Seasoning will do the trick! It's a Mexican fiesta in every shake. Salads, Chips, Guacamole... Don't just eat tacos on Taco Tuesdays.. you can now eat Tacos everyday!

     Try this Taco Salad recipe!

    4. Nacho Cheese Seasoning

    Deliciou Nacho Cheese Sauce

    Forget about those speciality store nut cheeses or nutritional yeasts... This Nacho Cheese Seasoning makes any meal a cheesy nacho dream! Made with chickpeas and a bunch of other secret ingredients, it gives any meal a cheesy goodness without the cheese. It goes well with almost anything, but we LOVE to make an amazing Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce with it! 

    5. Habanero Seasoning

    Habanero Seasoning Mango Salsa Deliciou

    Love spicy food? This Habanero Seasoning is for you- it adds a spicy kick to ANY food you love. Beware though, Habaneros are known the be the world's 4th most spicy chilli pepper (100,000-350,000 on the Scoville scale!) 

    We love making our Habanero Mango Salsa using this seasoning. 

    All Deliciou Seasonings are vegan & kosher friendly. They are also gluten free, non-GMO, and allergen free. 

    Get yours today at www.deliciou.com. Free global shipping above $45. 

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