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    Bacon Fries with bacon dips

    Bacon French Fries

    Why is it that no one is serving bacon and fries? well, time to take matters into your own hands. create a delicious snack with your preferred french fries and deliciou's bacon seasoning. it is delicious and will impress everyone. in fact, it is so mouthwatering your friends will think you just graduated with a phd in culinary arts, while the truth is your cat could make it.


    1. Cook your favourite french fries.
    2. Sprinkle the fries with your preferred amount of Bacon Seasoning.
    3. Mix 1 teaspoon of Bacon Seasoning per 100ml of mayonnaise or ketchup.
    4. Serve and devour!

    Bacon French Fries are delicious with our Chilli, Cheddar and Original version of Bacon Seasoning. Find your favourite!

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